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MHFA Australia App for iPhone and Android (2014)

The free to download Mental Health First Aid App for Android and iPhone provides key information about MHFA. This handy resource in your pocket is for members of the public and those who have already completed an MHFA course. Download for Android. Download for iPhone.

2nd Edition Intellectual Disability MHFA Manual (2010)

This Manual is the 2nd Edition Standard Mental Health First Aid Manual with additional information about helping an adult with intellectual disability inserted throughout each chapter. It is a resource for those who are supporting adults with an intellectual disability and an emerging mental health problem or experiencing a mental health crisis. This Manual is available to download as a PDF. However, copyright applies to all MHFA materials. The copyright holders agree to the downloading, for personal use, of a single copy of the manual by any individual or organisation. The copyright holders do not agree to the subsequent sale or re-sale of any downloaded copy of this manual and would regard any such sale or re-sale as a breach of their copyright.

1st Edition Standard MHFA Manual translated into Arabic - الإسعافات الأولية لأمراض الصحة العقلية

A free copy of this Manual is available

An Arabic speaking translator, Dina Noor (Kerr), kindly translated the Edition 1 content of the Standard MHFA Manual into Arabic as part of her postgraduate studies. Dina writes: "Despite the long and difficult journey translating the Mental Health First Aid Manual, I was driven to its completion because of the need I saw in the Arabic speaking community to recognise and deal with the various mental health problems, ultimately to lead a healthy and well-balanced functioning society."

Mental Health First Aid Guidelines

Download individual Mental Health First Aid Guidelines.
Guidelines for the public have been developed by Mental Health First Aid Australia and the Mental Health Literacy Research. These Guidelines were produced using the Delphi method, a systematic way of assessing the consensus of a panel of experts.

A Guide to What Works Booklets

  • A Guide to What Works for Depression 2nd Edition (2013) Download
  • A Guide to What Works for Anxiety Disorders 2nd Edition (2013) Download
  • A Guide to What Works for Depression in Young People 2nd Edition (2013) Download
  • These three guides were written by Prof Tony Jorm and other researchers from the University of Melbourne. They have been published by beyondblue. These booklets provide a comprehensive review of treatments (A-Z) for depression and anxiety disorders, including medical, psychological, complementary and lifestyle interventions. The aim of these booklets is to assist people to make informed choices by providing a summary of what the scientific evidence says about each treatment. The booklets rate the evidence for the effectiveness of each treatment using a thumbs up scale. You can order free copies of these guides through the beyondblue website or by calling 1300 22 4636 (local call).

    What Can I Do to Help Myself with Anxiety? Self-help Strategies for Mild Anxiety (2016)

    What can I do to help myself with anxiety? A guide for the public on effective self-help strategies for mild anxiety has been developed by researchers from La Trobe University and The University of Melbourne. The guide was produced using the Delphi method, a systematic way of assessing the consensus of experts on a topic. Experts who contributed to the guide were clinicians or researchers with expertise in anxiety and people who have experienced anxiety problems themselves. They came from Australia, USA, Canada, UK and Ireland. Self help for anxiety.