INTERNATIONAL MHFA Manual (2015) | Mental Health First Aid


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This manual is most relevant to people living in developed countries, which have established mental health care systems equivalent in standard to those in Australia and where the culture could be described as Western. This Mental Health First Aid International Manual is based on the 3rd edition Standard Australian Mental Health First Aid Manual, with an additional chapter on Eating Disorders adapted from the 3rd edition Australian Youth Mental Health First Aid Manual. Information specifically related to the Australian context has been replaced by equivalent international information. The manual is designed for members of the public to learn how to assist someone who is developing a mental health problem or is in a mental health crisis. The developing mental health problems covered include depression, anxiety problems, eating disorders, psychosis and substance use problems. The mental health crises covered are: suicidal thoughts and behaviours, non-suicidal self-injury, panic attacks, reactions following a traumatic event, severe psychotic states, severe effects from substance use and aggressive behaviours. The giving of mental health first aid is most relevant in situations when it is first becoming apparent to others that a person in their family or social or professional network is developing a mental health problem. However, the manual may also provide some useful information on how to assist a person who has a history of a mental illness or longer-term mental health problems. ISBN: 978-0-9923108-0-6.