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You are visiting a website secured with Extended Validation (EV) SSL, the highest standard in the Internet security industry for website identity authentication.
Mental Health First Aid International (ABN 57 153 480 436) has an online shop, which is designed to create a user friendly, fast and efficient viewing and purchasing process for our range of merchandise and products for accredited MHFA Australia Instructors and members of the public.

This Merchandise Policy should be read in conjunction with the Privacy Policy and Website Disclaimer, which can be found at

If you disagree with any of the terms and conditions contained in this policy, you must not submit an order.

1. How to order

a) Orders from accredited MHFA Australia instructors
Accredited MHFA Australia instructors can order products not available to the public. To order these products, instructors must log in and select 'New Order' from 'Orders' in the Instructor menu.
b) Orders from members of the public
To order products click on 'Shop,' found within the header and footer of For every item, you can enter the quantity you wish to purchase. You can put as many items as you want in your order. You can change product selection when you are previewing your order by clicking the 'change product selection' button. To complete your purchase, just fill in your shipping details, billing details, and then select 'calculate shipping costs.' Once you have reviewed your final order on the confirm order page, please enter your payment details and click 'place order' to checkout.

2.Single user eLearning Course Enrolments

a) To purchase a single eLearning course enrolment click on the eLearning course of interest and follow the steps to enrol. To complete your purchase, fill in your shipping details and billing details. Once you have reviewed your final order on the confirm order page, please enter your payment details and click 'place order' to checkout.
b) An enrolment for any eLearning Course is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.
c) eLearning Course enrolments expire after 12 months from the date of purchase. The purchaser will no longer be able to access the eLearning course after this time.

3. Bulk eLearning Course Enrolments

a) To purchase a bulk eLearning course enrolment, click on 'Shop', scroll down and find the eLearning course, enter the quantity of eLearning course enrolments you wish to purchase and click select. You can purchase as many quantities of an eLearning course as you wish. Discounts apply for bulk enrolments - see the specific eLearning course page for more information. To complete your purchase, fill in your shipping details, billing details, and then select 'calculate shipping costs.' Once you have reviewed your final order on the confirm order page, please enter your payment details and click 'place order' to checkout.
b) In order to distribute bulk eLearning course voucher codes, you will be emailed a csv file with a list of voucher codes for every eLearning course enrolment you have purchased, along with the name of the eLearning course and a link. You must then distribute these voucher codes and the eLearning course link to each person who is being allocated an eLearning enrolment for this bulk enrolment.
c) Bulk eLearning course voucher codes are for single-use only and expire 12 months after enrolment.
d) An eLearning course voucher code can be transferred to another user, if the original user has not yet accessed the eLearning Course content, i.e. their enrolment is at the state of 'Pre-quiz' on our website.
e) The purchaser is responsible for ensuring eLearning course voucher codes are not copied or misappropriated.
f) Stolen voucher codes will not be replaced.

4. Method of Payment

a) Orders from accredited MHFA Australia Instructors
The MHFA online shop accepts payment for orders by Mastercard, Visa, EFT, purchase order, money orders or cheque. We do not accept payment by invoice, other credit cards or cash.
b) Orders from members of the public
The MHFA online shop only accept payment for orders by Mastercard and Visa. We do not accept payment by invoice, purchase order or other credit cards.
c) eLearning orders
The MHFA online shop accepts payments for bulk eLearning course enrolments of 11 or more by Mastercard, Visa, EFT, purchase order, money orders or cheque. We do not accept payment by invoice, other credit cards or cash. We only accept credit card payments for less than 11 eLearning course enrolments.
See item 4 in this policy for information about the security of credit card transactions on our website.

5. Receipt of Payment

a) All orders will be shipped after MHFA Australia receives evidence of payment.
b) Accredited MHFA Australia Instructors who elect to pay for their order by EFT, purchase order, money order or cheque must provide evidence of payment within six weeks from the date of order placement.
c) An order placed by the methods described in 3b) of this policy will not be dispatched and considered 'pending' until evidence of payment is provided to MHFA Australia.
d) If payment is by EFT or purchase order please attach a copy to your order via WIMS or send via email or fax with your order number.
e) If payment is by money order or cheque please send via post with your order number.
f) A 'pending' order will be cancelled after six weeks. Reminder emails will be sent during this six week period.

6. Credit Card Security and Personal Information Security

The MHFA shop and course registration systems allow instructors and members of the public to make online payments using credit cards. MHFA takes the security of your credit card and personal information seriously. The following measures are in place to ensure security of your information:

a) Communication is secured using SSL (encryption).
b) No credit card numbers are stored on our system.
c) Credit card details are passed directly to our banking provider (NAB) and are not stored or processed by MHFA.
d) No compromise of our system could lead to your credit card details being hacked or stolen.
e) All transactions on the site are logged, providing a paper trail for investigating any fraudulent transactions.

With these measures in place, you can feel confident to safely and securely conduct credit card transactions on the MHFA site.

What does SSL mean for my data on the MHFA website?

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Certificates are the standard method used on the Internet to secure communications between Web users and Web sites. This technology both authenticates the identity of a Web site and encrypts communications between the user and the Web site.

Extended Validation SSL is a new type of SSL Certificate. A consortium of Internet security experts (Certificate Authority/Browser Forum) including VeriSign created Extended Validation (EV) SSL to combat the growing epidemic of fraudulent Web activity known as phishing. Phishing is a technique used by criminals on the Web to trick Web users into revealing sensitive personal and financial information to a counterfeit Web site. These phishing sites look like a familiar Web site but they are only a fraudulent front for criminal activity. It can be very difficult to differentiate a phishing Web site from the legitimate Web site. This threat has made it more important than ever for Web sites to be authenticated as genuine by a trusted third party before users share information with them.

For over a decade SSL Certificates have served to authenticate Web sites, however not all SSL Certificates provide the same level of authentication. Some highly authenticate a site and some merely verify that the organization requesting the certificate has the right to use their stated Internet domain address. EV SSL Certificates represent the highest standard for authentication. They require that every Web site secured with EV SSL pass a standardized process for rigorously verifying the legitimacy of the organization responsible for that Web site.

We use Extended Validation (EV) SSL to secure your online transaction with us because we take your online security very seriously. EV SSL signifies that our organization has passed the strict EV identity authentication process. Our EV SSL Certificate will trigger your browser address bar to display https:// and if you use a browser released in 2007 or later (such as Internet Explorer 11) your address bar will turn a noticeable green color. To the right of the address bar, a field will display the name of the organization that owns this Web site and this field will toggle to display GeoTrust, the certificate authority that issued this SSL Certificate. When you see your address bar turn green, simply look to the right to see that the owner of this Web site is the organization you intended to visit.

7. Shipping Rates

Mental Health First Aid Australia endeavours at all times to keep postage and handling rates to a minimum. Shipping rates are calculated in the shopping cart after a shipping method is selected. Shipping rates are calculated according to postcode region in Australia, Asia, and the rest of the world on an item and quantity basis.

8. Delivery Policy

After ordering online, you will receive an email confirmation from containing your order details. We will normally confirm receipt of you order within a few minutes of ordering. Your goods will be dispatched within 2 business days of receipt of payment. We will attempt to deliver your goods within 7 working days; however if goods are unavailable delivery will take a little longer. At the time of order, you can elect to pick up your order, rather than have it delivered. Pick up orders will have no shipping costs. Please allow 1 working day to collect your order. When picking up your order please present your tax invoice. Orders can be collected from the following address: Ground Floor, 369 Royal Parade, Parkville, VIC, Australia

9. Refund and Returns Policy

We reserve the right to not provide a refund or exchange for a change of mind, unless stated otherwise. If the product you have purchased is damaged or defective, you have a right to an exchange or refund upon receipt of the damaged or defective goods. To arrange return of damaged goods contact MHFA at or phone (03) 9079 0204.

This document was last updated on 29 November, 2016